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Sylvia Henderson

Virtual Workforce Network Agency
Sylvia Henderson

The Challenge

Sylvia Henderson, founder, entrepreneur and CEO of a high performance Virtual Workforce Network (VWN) Agency, is seeing hyper-growth with her business that delivers advanced training for sales and marketing professionals. For more than 25 years, the company’s highly-skilled lead generation calling teams have optimized lead generation calling campaigns for effective sales lift. As the agency continued to experience increasing demand for its elite, highly skilled workforce across the nation, Henderson realized she wanted to add video and Web conferencing to the toolset for her teams — to deliver the “Ultimate Level of Success.”

Addressing The Challenge

Henderson was introduced to Web conferencing solution AnyMeeting as an attendee, and liked the experience so well that she decided to give the service a test drive. What attracted her to AnyMeeting was that the cloud-based service was developed specifically for small businesses that needed to optimize every resource.

Finding A Solution With AnyMeeting

She started by using AnyMeeting’s free service and found it to be a “virtual goldmine.” Across the board the team found the service to be super easy to use, intuitive and reliable.

“AnyMeeting allows me to run high quality webinars that require virtually no training. When you are just beginning your business, you want to keep your solutions simple, effective and efficient. AnyMeeting offers the simplicity I need to run my virtual consulting and training business that helps people learn how to “make the human connection” in order to be more effective in sales. The simplicity of AnyMeeting is like a goldmine for me. Many of my customers and trainees are so impressed with their AnyMeeting experience that they adopt it for their own needs. Customer referral is powerful and that’s why companies come to me…I make it simple for them to become world-class sales people…AnyMeeting makes it simple for me to do what I do best.”

Henderson uses AnyMeeting to help her customers realize that a sales campaign management process matters. Her framework supports a unique performance-based approach to planning and focusing on developing high-quality leads and managing a valuable pipeline. AnyMeeting allows her teams to deliver the individual attention that helps a sales specialist standout. Anymeeting allows her teams to be uniquely coached and trained as elite calling agents with an impeccable command of the English language, top-notch work ethics and outstanding skill levels of communication.

“AnyMeeting offers an awesome tool for any growing start up or small business.” In fact, Henderson has added new offerings for training based on the fact that she does not need to travel onsite anymore – passing on significant cost savings and adding value to Henderson and her clients.

Henderson adds, “It’s a snap to use and versatile.” No pre-installation, training, or configuration by administrators or IT staff is necessary. The service is conveniently integrated with audio on the phone to share documents, view presentations and collaborate. It offers 6-way video conferencing, phone conferencing, screen sharing, presentation sharing, meeting notes, recording and with mobile capabilities available on iPad, Android Table, iPhone and Android phone.